The most Powerful scene of the whole series.

This scene is so beautiful to me because it’s one of those things the writers put in for the older viewers despite the overwhelming younger demographic, but instead of some kind of sexual joke, it’s an actually powerful wake-up call.

Just because someone is of the same blood as you, doesn’t mean you automatically have to love them. Your family needs to earn your love and respect, not mandate it due to the presence of mutual genes. And I think that’s something a lot of us don’t realize until we’re older, and it’s a bit too late.


Oh Bruce.

We're not five heroes, We're one Team


Starfire: ...and now my heart is telling me that I am also not best for Tamaran. My life and my heart is on earth, That is where I belong. 

Teen Titans + ripped clothing





Sisters is probably always going to be my favorite Teen Titans episode. 

First of all, the episode was extremely well drawn and animated. I especially love the way that Starfire is drawn in this episode. I mean she always looks perfect, but she looks even more perfect in this episode to be completely honest.

Second of all, it is a complete overload of Robstar. Maybe overload isn’t the right word because you know what, my motto is that there can never be too much Robstar. Throughout the whole episode, Robin is looking out for Starfire. Heck, they were on a date at the very beginning. After Blackfire showed up, it almost seemed like Robin was always keeping an eye on Starfire. He noticed all by himself that she was missing during the party Blackfire took them to, and spent who knows how long just to find her on top of the roof, and he took even more time to sit down and talk to her. Then it seemed like he knew for sure something was wrong, because he just happened to show up at just the right time to keep her from leaving. Now, may I point out in the fifth panel how he turns around and purposely positions himself in front of Starfire I mean hOW CUTE IS THAT HE’S SO PROTECTIVE??? AND THEN HE FREAKING JUMPS OFF A BUILDING WITH NO GUARANTEE OF BEING ABLE TO GRAB HER FOOT OK NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL A HERO DUDE 

Third of all, Robin is just really hot in this episode ok. He’s sweet and protective and even if he seems really serious he cares probably more than anyone. And then at the end he tells her that no one could ever take her place yep I cried tears of joy bye


hehe, Starfire =)


hehe, Starfire =)